Updated 19.03.2017      RASMUS FRIS PEDALSTEEL rasmusfrispedalsteel@gmail.com

Hi,  My name is Rasmus. I am a Pedal Steel Guitarist from Denmark.
I have on several occasions provided Pedal work on other people’s recordings
to add specialized sound and might be able to help you add some spice to your project.
A first step would be to let me add a track without any obligation.
If you like it we can tweak it and work out a price that will fit your budget.
Feel free to contact me on: rasmusfrispedalsteel@gmail.com

Here are some samples,  played on my Williams S12 E9th. Ext. and some on an old AWH S10 E9th.
The Amp used for recording is mainly a modified "Blackface Twin Reverb" clone into a 15" inch speaker.

Upcoming Album: "BIRDS ON THE RIDGE" an instrumental album with the Pedalsteel in focus.           www.rasmusfrismusic.dk
Helsingoer (Kim Pii)
Kan vi mon naa hinanden (Kim Pii)

Reminicenses (Rasmus Fris)
Forest and Bike (Rasmus Fris)

A part of some more (Rasmus Fris)

Embraced (Rasmus Fris)
Notes (Rasmus Fris)
Hello Again (Rasmus Fris)

www.rasmusfris.dk www.wire-lamps.dk http://williamsguitarcompany.com/