Updated 10.05.2016      RASMUS FRIS PEDALSTEEL rasmusfrispedalsteel@gmail.com

Hi,  My name is Rasmus. I am a Pedal Steel Guitarist from Denmark.

I have on several occasions provided Pedal work on other people’s recordings
to add specialized sound and might be able to help you add some spice to your project.
A first step would be to let me add a track without any obligation.
If you like it we can tweak it and work out a price that will fit your budget.
Feel free to contact me on: rasmusfrispedalsteel@gmail.com

Here are some samples,  played on my Williams S12 E9th. Ext. and some on an old AWH S10 E9th.
The Amp used for recording is mainly a Blackface Twin Reverb and a 15" inch speaker.

Helsingoer (Kim Pii)
Kan vi mon naa hinanden (Kim Pii)

Reminicenses (Rasmus Fris)
Forest and Bike (Rasmus Fris)

new steel tune (Rasmus Fris)
A part of some more (Rasmus Fris)

Embraced (Rasmus Fris)
Notes (Rasmus Fris)
Hello Again (Rasmus Fris)

www.rasmusfris.dk www.wire-lamps.dk http://williamsguitarcompany.com/